Thursday, 29 May 2008

Day 039 - Broken Foot Fairy

So a couple of years ago, my friend Rob broke his foot playing rugby. Naturally I mocked him, and created a cartoon character based on him - the Broken Foot Fairy, a mythical creature who delivers broken feet and ankle sprains. Well it looks like the fairy has paid me a little visit, as I went to the hospital yesterday to get my foot check out (I injured it in London on Saturday, part of the reason why I've been late updating) and it turns out that I fractured the bone at the base of my little toe. So now I have a stupid cast and crutches. Karma much?


Cilitra said...

hahaha, brilliant idea, eventhough karma bit you in the ass ..erm..toe. Karma usualy bites me in the ass for every single thing I do which is concidered "bad" but I'm lucky not to have broken anything yet (7, 9, 13)

Keep going strong in the challenge! =]

Bona said...

Interesting to know.